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A Natural Tree Service Solution

  • Organic Tree Services is owned and “operated by arborist Doug Johnson–an Asheville local. Doug has been working with trees for forty years.

“If we can free up space for the sun, rain and soil to work together naturally the tree’s immune system can prevent many disease and pest problems.”

Doug Johnson, arborist

At Organic Tree Services:

  • We work with a tree’s natural ability to heal itself
  • We don’t treat with chemicals, ever
  • When trees have to be removed we aim to bring all merchantable trees to mills to save trees elsewhere

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The Natural Choice for Tree Service

Organic Tree Services works with a tree’s natural ability to heal itself and fight bugs and disease. We are licensed and workers comp insured and committed to providing the best care for your property. (We are committed to stamping properties with an “ahhhhh” that’s right, impression.) 

visit our before/after page to see examples of our perfect prunes

We can provide:

  • FREE estimates
  • certified arborist
  • expert tree pruning, including fruit trees
  • hazardous and dead tree removal (note: we treasure token wildlife trees)
  • view enhancement

We work with top local landscapers to achieve the perfect combination for your landscape

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