Trees are a community’s living asset. They reduce stormwater runoff, sequester atmospheric carbon, reduce energy costs, and improve mental health. Rather than reacting to tree problems as they occur, the most effective way to manage tree care is with a thoughtful, proactive plan. If a tree is pruned properly early, there is a good likelihood that it will grow straight, and limbs will not go askew. We can save a good many trees if we get to them early enough.

Most trees have a natural healing element in their DNA. We try to work with the tree’s natural healing ability to produce a healthy and beautiful outcome. If we can free up space for the sun and rain and soil to work together naturally, then the trees immune system can solve many disease and pest problems.

Trees have species-specific needs. Trees in yards are in an unnatural environment, and benefit from trimming from a thoughtful professional.


Natural looking treesare aesthetically soothing…and healthy.

At ORGANIC TREE SERVICES, we believe that the community forest should be cared for.

We specialize in pruning, trimming for views, and trimming and removing for solar panels. Our team has an appreciation for the benefits afforded by healthy trees, and our skilled arborists have a knowledge of the physiology of trees and a thoughtful approach to each pruning cut we make.

We offer cabling and bracing services. Not all tree defects can be corrected with pruning alone, so in some cases we may recommend cabling or bracing to provide supplemental support. Cabling helps trees survive rough storms and heavy winds.

Removal Services:

Although we’re preservationists at heart, there are times when tree removal is necessary. Our removal process minimizes the impact to surrounding landscapes and gardens, and you can rest assured that the project will be safe and efficient.